In 2015, UAct began working with DeAndre Neal, a Springfield anti-violence activist, to develop a Community Health Worker program at the Springfield Community Federation. A strong partnership flourished and UAct worked closely with staff and partners to design and develop the program.

The CHW accomplished much over a two-year period while active with the Springfield Community Federation:

  • A health Screening Pilot Project with SIU Department of Internal Medicine served 78 homeless individuals with health care assessments, system connections, transportation, and more
  • SCF’s Community Health Workers partnered with a United-Way funded program to serve individuals and families at Brandon Court as part of a 2-year multi-agency collaborative
  • SCF developed and maintained partnerships with major health, education and service institutions in Springfield
  • SCF’s health workers received significant outside training
  • SCF’s Community Health Workers conducted outreach and education in partnership with St. John’s Hospital and SIU in an asthma prevention program serving 25 children