We all have great ideas.

But turning ideas into action is harder than one might think, especially in neglected areas with limited resources.

Since 2015, the Urban Action Network supported local activists and community-based organizations to create and promote community solutions. UAct provided in-kind, hands-on project management assistance to design, develop, execute and sustain community-based projects and activities. We provided tools, resources and connections to help local activists and organizations realize their goals.

Now, in 2023, UAct is redirecting its approach to promote community-based micro projects that provide social, economic and/or environmental benefit in East Springfield, IL by supporting annual RESTORE THE CORE grants awarded to qualifying groups seeking neighborhood/community improvement.

RESTORE THE CORE micro-grants will be awarded to qualifying groups seeking neighborhood/community improvement.

Applicants must be invited by UAct to apply.

Initially, UAct will target active and organized neighborhood associations in Springfield, Illinois’ Wards 2 & 3 and invite some to apply.

UAct may provide capacity-building training through a contracted external partner before the grant application cycle begins and targeted technical assistance for funded projects may also be provided. Funded neighborhood associations are strongly encouraged to utilize available technical assistance resources.

Three, year-long grants of up to $4,000 each will be awarded during the Round 1 grant cycle. It is anticipated that funding will continue in subsequent rounds of the program. Successful projects may be eligible for future funding.