Urban Action Network Past Projects

Health & Wellness

Healthy Kids and Communities Campaign

UAct also designed the HEALTHY KIDS AND COMMUNITIES CAMPAIGN and along with IPHA submitted a proposal for funding to connect high-risk families in Springfield, Illinois, with Community Health Workers to prevent the damaging, long-term health effects of pediatric lead poisoning. Community Health Workers from the Springfield Community Federation (a community-based organization embedded in the low-income[…]

Immunization Access Project

UAct designed the IMMUNIZATION ACCESS PROJECT to integrate Community Health Workers into SD186 and Keep Kids in School Coalition (KKIS) to assist students meet the immunizations and physical examination requirements to begin school each year. The State of Illinois requires vaccinations to protect children from a variety of diseases before they can enter school. However,[…]

Fight Flu Campaign

In November 2020, UAct Launched the Fight Flu campaign funded in partnership with Jane Ford. Jane has been a regular supporter of UAct’s outreach efforts since 2019. She contacted Sheila with her concern about the lack of attention being paid to the Flu and Sheila and Jane teamed up to support a mini-Fight Flu campaign[…]

Neighborhood Outreach COVID

UAct was one of 85 local organizations that received a COVID-19 Response Fund grant in 2020 from the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln and United Way of Central Illinois. We used the $5000 grant to support two outreach workers, DeAndre Neal and Jonathon Harrington, and supplies. Four culturally responsive flyers were created by[…]

SIU Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement (DICE)

In 2018, UAct partnered with SIU School of Medicine’s Department of Internal Medicine to help facilitate implementation of the SIU Internal Medicine Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (DICE) programs. DICE connects SIU resident physicians and students with underserved people for in-depth, guided discussions around topics of implicit bias in health care, cultural stigmas and more.[…]

Community Health Worker Program

In 2015, UAct began working with DeAndre Neal, a Springfield anti-violence activist, to develop a Community Health Worker program at the Springfield Community Federation. A strong partnership flourished and UAct worked closely with staff and partners to design and develop the program.

The CHW accomplished much over a two-year period while active with the Springfield Community[…]

Poplar Place Garden Project

As a founding Board member of genHkids, UAct President facilitated a dialogue about working more closely together. Those conversations led to a partnership to revitalize genH’s community garden at Poplar Place.

Team REAP and FCC participated in the Garden Work Day kick-off event on July 19, 2018 that featured genH-sponsored salsa and dip making, a bee[…]

Community Health Connections

In 2015, UAct began working with DeAndre Neal, a Springfield anti-violence activist, to develop a community health worker program, originally called Community Health Connections (CHC), at the Springfield Community Federation (referred to herein as SCF or The Federation).

SCF’s community health worker program has built strong partnerships with[…]