The Urban Action Network was proud to award two micro grants in 2024 – one to the Pioneer Park Homeowner’s Association and another to the Ernie Bankhead Neighborhood Association.

With their funds, Pioneer Park plans to purchase 2 outdoor mounted lighted emergency phones to call for help, provide a bicycle safety class and bike giveaway for 10 kids and create a neighborhood maintenance crew made up of 5-10 members, called “Pioneer Park Go Getters” to help neighbors who need temporary assistance keeping up their property.

Ernie Bankhead plans to clean up fence lines at sidewalks along the neighborhood where weeds are overgrown and prevent a smooth walkway, bring in help to keep the empty lots free from fly dump rubbish as it occurs and prune overgrown trees that are on power lines and/or leaning over into the street.

Pioneer Park Homeowner’s Association

Ernie Bankhead Neighborhood Association