Eau Claire is a mid-sized Wisconsin community with a city population of 70,000 and a metro area population of 150,000. Downtown Eau Claire has become a vibrant place in the last several years. Thanks to the efforts of local business and government leaders, the community is in the midst of a downtown building boom. Hundreds of new urban residential units have been built since 2010, with hundreds more under construction and in the pipeline. Multiple new hotels are in various stages of development. Large business expansions such as Janf Software & Royal Credit Union are investing in new downtown HQs. At the same time, small businesses are opening up in downtown Eau Claire. All of this is supported by a growing menu of urban amenities including bike paths, pedestrian bridges over the city’s two rivers (Chippewa River & Eau Claire River), and numerous bars & restaurants is promising to attract even more people, jobs, and investment.